With a production of around 14.5 million plants annually, Rosa Danica A / S can rightly be called one of the leading producers of potted plants worldwide. It is a position that we are proud of, and that commits! Every day we make an effort to produce beautiful and durable potted plants in exactly the colors that consumers demand and with the greatest possible consideration for the environment.

Rosa Danica is a state-of-the-art horticultural company, which back in 1987 was founded by Lis and Torben Moth Madsen. Rosa Danica has a total production area of ​​approx. 110,000 m2, where mainly pot roses are grown, but also Campanula and Schlumbergera in the greenhouses. A permanent staff of around 110 employees ensures that fresh potted plants are on their way to consumers around the world every single day. Thus, more than 90% of our production ends up in foreign homes.

Healthy environment – healthy business

A healthy and sustainable environment is a prerequisite for running a healthy business. Rosa Danica is connected to the MPS system as an MPS-A nursery. In addition, we are Global GAP certified, which means that we are continuously assessed on e.g., waste volumes, energy, and pesticide consumption.

Biological pest control, use of rainwater, recycling of irrigation water and manure are just some examples of the green initiatives that ensure a gentle and sustainable use of nature’s resources. That’s common sense, if you ask us.

Breeding… just call us nerds.

We spend a lot of resources on product development of our Kordana® roses.

Our heart child has always been Kordana® pot roses. Our strong position in the market is the result of more than 30 years of close cooperation with one of the world’s largest rose breeders, the German Kordes Rosen. Together, new Kordana® pot roses are developed by crossing at Kordes Rosen and later trial cultivated with us at Rosa Danica. Here, more than 2000 different Kordana® pot roses are tested annually for their qualities and values. 4-6 of these hit the market as new Kordana® variants. Our joint development work has resulted in a wide range of Kordana® roses, all of which meet market expectations and requirements, where durability and mortgage health in particular are in high demand.



In addition, own refinement of Tendenza® Campanula and Schlumbergera attaches great importance. Everything is assessed and tested – attractive colors, better durability, plant health, etc.
Our Campanula Tendenza®BlueOne ™ is the result of several years of intense in-house refinement within this product line. The deep blue color and the extra-long durability are especially unique to BlueOne ™
Our Schlumbergera is characterized by extra-large flowers in the most amazing colors. They all go by the name Schlumbergera Tendenza®Brazil ™ Grande.

Sustainability with brain and heart.

Nature is our most important resource that we should all cherish. Method improvement, including energy minimization, is therefore an important part of our ongoing development work. How and where can we make things better with less consumption of div. resources? We ask ourselves that question every day. After hard and focused work, Rosa Danica has proudly been approved for organic production in the subsidiary BioSund Aps.

At BioSund, we lovingly grow different types of organic and sustainable vegetables and other plants for the consumer. The products are carefully selected according to taste, health, durability and growth form. The plants are grown in our greenhouses in organic sphagnum, where they are pampered with organic plant extracts. Possibly. pests are controlled biologically.

The range in BioSund is continuously expanded with various vegetables, berries, herbs and other exciting plants for the home.

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